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What is Powerlock Cable?

Powerlock Cable refers to any power cable that is terminated with a powerlock-type single pole connector. The term ‘powerlock connector’ refers to a type of electrical plug that incorporates both a keyed and secondary locking mechanism. In this case, Phase 3’s incorporated connector is the ‘Powersafe‘ plug. Powersafe is the highest rated single pole connector in the UK and is fully certified by UL, VDE and CE. The made-up leads can come in source or drain format and an M12 lug can be incorporated for electrical busbar or power generator connections.

Powerlock Cable Terminations

Phase 3’s powerlock cable dry hire includes sets of single core H07RN-F with single pole contacts pre-terminated. A ‘set’ of powerlock mains cables includes 5 lines for the three phases, plus Earth and Neutral. All copper lead sets come pre-assembled with crimp terminations on C120 and C240 Powersafe single pole connectors.
Phase 3 lease 1 meter lug to source generator tails. These leads are ideal for power generators and busbar connections.
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High Quality Powerlock Cable Hire,
H07 Flexible Rubber Mains Leads
Pre-Assembled with Powersafe Connectors

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