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What is Powerlock Cable?

Powerlock Cable refers to any power cable that is terminated with a powerlock-type single pole connector. The term ‘powerlock connector’ refers to a type of electrical plug that incorporates both a keyed and secondary locking mechanism. In this case, Phase 3’s incorporated connector is the ‘Powersafe‘ plug. Powersafe is the highest rated single pole connector in the UK and is fully certified by UL, VDE and CE. The made-up leads can come in source or drain format and an M12 lug can be incorporated for electrical busbar or power generator connections.

Powerlock Cable Terminations

Phase 3’s powerlock cable dry hire includes sets of single core H07RN-F with single pole contacts pre-terminated. A ‘set’ of powerlock mains cables includes 5 lines for the three phases, plus Earth and Neutral. All copper lead sets come pre-assembled with crimp terminations on C120 and C240 Powersafe single pole connectors.
Phase 3 lease 1 meter lug to source generator tails. These leads are ideal for power generators and busbar connections.
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Powerlock Cable


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Phase 3 Cable Hire

High Quality Powerlock Cable Hire,
H07 Flexible Rubber Mains Leads
Pre-Assembled with Powersafe Connectors

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Single Pole Connector Cable

Phase 3 hire single core H07RN-F known as Nexans TITANEX® with Powersafe powerlock connectors terminated. This electrical connection solution is regarded as the most reliable and safest available for low voltage electricity. Phase 3 supply 1M, 10M or 25M length leads for reliable three phase power distribution. Our source to drain powerlock cable allows for daisy chaining of leads for different specifications. Powersafe Connectors are used to assure electrical connections do not disconnect under load. Finally, the connectors are colour coded to help identify the line phases under regional wiring colour standards.

Benefits of Powersafe Connectors

Increased Current Carrying Capacity (500A/800A)
Increased Short Circuit Ratings (35.5Ka)
Reduced Insertion Force
Rubber Hand Grip for ease of coupling
Strain Relief (25mm-300mm)
Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015
Waterproof & Dust Protection Rating (IP67)
Colour Coded Keyed Locking Mechanism
Finger-Proof Protection against electric shock (IP2X)
Flame Retardant Materials (UL94-VO)
Improved Impact Resistance
Environmental Caps
UL Certified Product

Exceptional Manufacturing

Phase 3 use only the finest quality materials sourced from Europe or America in the manufacturing of their electrical connectors. Therefore, Powersafe is manufactured from 99.9% pure, highly conductive copper; no Tellurium is used, as a result the metalwork is incredibly durable. Customers prefer the Powersafe heavy-duty insulator as they are moulded with flame retardant plastics (UL94); no fibre glass is used therefore the product does not crack easily when handling.

Phase 3’s electrical connectors are 100% manufactured and assembled in the UK to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. All Powersafe products are available with full UL, CE and VDE certifications.

Powerlock Locking System

Secure coupling of powerlock cable plug and socket is achieved through an innovative mechanical locking system that disengages with a simple release key. The industrial plug’s keyed locking system and colour coding means Powersafe connectors cannot be mis-mated or disconnected accidentally under load.
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