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H07 or H07?

This type of electrical lead is sometimes misspelt as HO7RN-F, using the letter ‘O’ instead of a zero.

H07RN-F Applications

Power leads such as H07 are suitable for applications in a number of industries. Primarily, the rubber flexible cables are used as the supply of energy for portable mobile equipment or audio visual (AV) equipment.

Applications of H07RN-F:

Handling equipment
Mobile power generators
Construction work sites
Stage and audio visual equipment,
Port areas and dams
Mobile equipment (e.g welders and grinders)

Rubber Flexible Cable Specifications

Mains Cable Cores

H07RN-F is available with either a single core design or multi-core design. Typically, single core mains cables are used for higher current ratings as one line will be used for each of the three phases plus neutral and earth. Standard multi-core lines are available with 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores or 5 cores, however some manufacturers offer rubber flexible cable variants with up to 19 conductive cores.

Multi-Core H07RN-F Wiring Colours

2 core: Blue (Neutral) and Brown (Live Line 1)
3 core: Green/Yellow (Earth), Blue, Brown
4 core: Green/Yellow, Brown, Black (Live Line 2), Grey (Live Line 3)
5 core: Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
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